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《JS Aircond's Tips: How to clean your Aircond?》

《JS Aircond's Tips: How to clean your Aircond?》

☺️ For this first step and all following steps, you will need to turn off all power running to the air conditioning unit. Turn off any power points it’s plugged into, and even turn it off at the circuit board if possible.

This is the part of the indoor unit that actually deals with blowing the cool air out of the unit and into the room it is serving. To access the fan coil, you’ll need to completely remove the indoor unit’s chassis, which will most likely require the use of a screwdriver or some similar tool.
Once you’ve gained access to the fan coil, take it down and bring it to your toilet or outdoor for cleaning, simply spray it with a suitable cleaning solution, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. Don’t worry about spillage or mess, as most, if not all of the runoff will be caught in the drip pan. Rinse the fan coil until the runoff is completely clear and no solution remains, but be careful not to flood the drip pan! Allow it to drain off before rinsing further. Allow the fan coil to dry at least partially before putting the chassis back on.

If you remove or flip up the front grille on the inside air conditioner unit, you should be able to remove one large mesh panel, or two smaller ones. These filter panels are your unit’s primary line of defence against various airborne nasties such as dust and bacteria. However, this means that they tend to get dirty and clogged incredibly quickly, and need cleaning more regularly than other parts of the unit. The flipside of this is that the filters are the easiest part to clean. To clean the panels, simply take them outside, being careful not to dislodge any of the dust inside your home, and give them a bit of a bash on a railing or post of some sort. This will dislodge most of the dust and grime, and any remaining nastiness can simply be vacuumed off.

You’re going to be dealing with the big outdoor component of your system for this step, and it’s crucial that there’s no power running through the system. Then you can use clean water to start the process of cleaning it.

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